Gabriel's Horn Homeless Shelter

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Who is Gabriel's Horn?

Gabriel's Horn exists to help women and children experiencing homelessness to rebuild their lives and return to independence with dignity by providing shelter, a safe space, and connection to community resources that promote financial literacy, employment opportunities, transportation, and health and wellness. They envision a community where generational homelessness is not a given, where families are connected to resources that help them transition to a life of stability and independence.

Entrance to Gabriel's Horn

What does Gabriel's Horn do?

They offer their residents the following services:

Counseling - They aim to help clients develop coping skills to deal with stressors in their lives. They offer individual and group counseling by partnering with Porter Country Family Counseling Center.

Case Management - These services link residents to community resources and help stabilize the problems associated with homelessness, such as stable housing and meaningful employment. Case management fosters independence by encouraging residents to utilize their skills and resources to meet their needs and achieve goals.

Transportation - At select times, Gabriel's Horn provides transportation for residents going to work, appointments, and school. As with all of their services, there is no charge to the residents.

Art Classes - Through the generosity of community volunteers, Gabriel's Horn offers art lessons, which can provide a means of self-expression, decrease stress levels, and increase awareness.

After-Care Program - This program provides support services to families who have moved out of the shelter and into stable housing. It is designed to provide continual support to women living independently, but still in need of case management. This program assists women with maintaining independence through advocacy, seeking employment, and maintaining social benefits.

How can I help?

Meal Delivery

Last December during their property renovations, we made meals and delivered them to the clients and their families. We met present and former residents and learned more about what they need. We could explore a bi-weekly meal delivery for the residents. Utilizing tools, like Meal Train, we could set up a rotating schedule, incorporating the dietary needs and availability of the residents.


As renovations will soon be finished, they need help furnishing the new spaces. With the expansion, the shelter will have 10 client rooms. However, these spaces do not have closets or storage space, so items like a mobile wardrobe are especially helpful. Check out their Amazon Wish List. For other ongoing shelter needs, look here. The cost to support a Gabriel's Horn client and her dependents is $8,100 for their 6-month stay. Consider financially supporting the shelter here


With what is brought in, the shelter is open to volunteers who will sort, organize, and relocate donations to neighboring locations, such as Clothes & Prayers or the Portage Resale Shop.

Deep Cleaning

As with most residential organizations, a thorough cleaning is required. As clients transition out, their rooms, kitchen, and common areas need to be deep cleaned before a new client can take residence.

Client Transportation

Many clients do not have a means of transportation. While the shelter does utilize their vehicle for clients, there is more necessity than what they can meet. Clients need transportation for work, school, appointments, and running errands. With board approval, you can provide transportation and aid in a woman's next steps toward independence.

Accountability Partner

Independence is less about making it on your own, and more about finding a healthy community that works with you to build systems of ongoing support and resources. Gabriel's Horn longs to create and sustain wholesome community partners for their clients and their families. Interested volunteers will undergo training and development to provide weekly check-ins for clients. Board approval is required.