Facility Rental and Reservations

Use this form to submit rental requests for our building

Facility Reservations

We are happy to have both members of our church family and outside guests use our facilities for gatherings. We have community groups, small businesses, non-profits, and individuals that reserve our space for meetings, performances, and parties. The cost for a reservation varies based on amount of space needed, the time needed, and relationship to the church.

Groups may request use of our sanctuary, fellowship hall, classrooms, or The Loft (our youth space).

All reservations are contingent upon availability on the church calendar, availability of staff to work with the reservation, and the discretion of the pastoral staff.

DCC Activity / Facility Reservation Agreement

The following is a list of responsibilities agreed upon for the use of Duneland Community Church’s facility.

1. Upon leaving, all garbage must be removed. The dumpster is located behind the building.

2. Clean all floors either by sweeping, vacuuming, or mopping where needed.

3. Reset any tables, chairs, etc. that were moved back to their original position.

4. Any moving of the furniture including couches, carpeting, coffee bar, etc. needs to be approved in advanced.

5. Reset the thermostat to 78 in summer or 58 in winter. Please note there are 2 thermostats in both the sanctuary and fellowship area.

6. Turn off all lights.

7. Lock all doors.

8. Access to use the building does NOT mean access to any audio, visual, and/or sound equipment. Those require special permission, training, and possibly paying for the presence of a staff member.

9. Rental reservations are $100 for members and $150 for non-members for 3 hours. Extra time will have additional cost. (50% due at time of reservation and rest due week of event. You can pay for reservations here. (Select Facility/Janitorial Services)

10. No alcohol, tobacco, helium balloons, or animals inside of the building.

11. The week of the reservation, please contact the church office at 219-929-5313 for procedures on accessing the building.