Find out about what's happening in the life of our church

During the month of July, we invite you to join us for Family Worship Sundays. Our Pre-K and Elementary kids, along with our Kids Leadership Team, will be in worship. Our services will be shorter. Something we're bringing back this year are snacks! We'll have a table set up each week with fun snacks to enjoy during the worship time. If you tell Pastor DeShawna or Pastor Melissa your favorite snack, it might make an appearance on the table!

You'll also notice that there aren't a bunch of events on our calendar. Some spiritual formation groups, like Rooted and Student Ministries are paused for July. This is all intentional. With summer, we know our people travel and we want to celebrate that by observing a little slower pace of life. This means we might have a little more margin to connect with God, each other, and our world.