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You can tell a lot about a person or an organization by what they value. We have spent a lot of time thinking about the things that we value most and how they shape our mission as a church.


Welcoming Everyone We Meet With Sacred Authenticity

The family of God is both tight-knit and always open. This reality shapes our interactions when we gather together and welcome each other with sacred authenticity. We’re not afraid to share our rough edges or deep wounds, because we know that when we do, God meets us in that moment with His sacred, healing presence. You’re welcome here … whether we’ve known each other for years or if it’s the first time we’ve met.

Cultivating A Growing Life Rooted In God’s Wholeness

God’s wholeness—His perfect ideal for us and all of creation—is both a present reality and a future promise. Every day we learn to live from His wholeness, drawing strength, courage, humility, wisdom, and hope from the truth of His Word and the presence of His Spirit.

Working Together To Plant Seeds Of Grace

Since God has planted His wholeness and life inside of us, we get to be a part of planting those seeds in other’s lives as well. It’s as if God has invited us to join the family business of preparing the soil of people’s hearts to receive the seeds of new life. We all have a different part to play and when we work together, offering our best to God, He multiplies our efforts and brings a harvest of wholeness to fruition.

Leading In Freedom For A Better Future

In order to move from where we are today into the future God has for us, it’s going to take leaders —people who aren’t waiting for someone else to take the first step, people with the courage to lead in freedom. Each of us is a leader, even if we’re only leading ourselves! God invites each of us to lead right where we are … how will we respond?

Pioneering New Ways Of Being The People Of Jesus Today

Too many people have a significant misunderstanding of what it means to follow Jesus in our world today. We want to grow together in finding better ways to live out the freedom and hope that Jesus came to bring to everyone. How does the freedom we’ve discovered transform our world, our relationships, our communities, and our dreams … today?

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