A worship series exploring God's heart for justice in a world that is confused about what is just


The world is abuzz with the world justice. Our airwaves and social media feed are filled with debates about injustice, systemic injustice, social justice, cancel culture, Critical Race Theory, and so many other topics and ideas connected to justice. So what is justice according to God? How is the heart of God expressed in justice? What are God's expectations for us?

Join us in September as we move through the story of scripture and search for justice, God's justice, and try to make sense of what is happening in our world and what God expects of his church. You can find sermon notes for this each week of the series on our sermon notes page.

September 5 - Checks and Balances - Leviticus 25

September 12 - Do You Even Know Me - Jeremiah 22

September 19 - Radical Love and Hostile Neighbors - Luke 4:14-30