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Who are we? 

 Duneland Community Church  is a family with a clear mission.

The world around us is chaotic and ever changing . Our idea of family has been forever altered. We are more connected than ever, yet more alone than ever. Abundance is visible all around us and yet so many suffer from scarcity. We bury our pain in addictions. We chase after the ever-elusive idea of happiness, but we never seem to capture it. There is a different way to live, however. There is a life where we can be made whole, and set free from the chaos and pain around us. 

 Our church community is learning a different way to live. It is a life where we are being healed through our relationship with God, learning to love each other as a family, and serving the world so that others can be free. We invite you to join us on this journey to wholeness and freedom. This isn’t about learning to be religious. Freedom isn’t found by learning a set of rules or checking off the boxes of a to-do list. Freedom is a way of life the begins by discovering just how loved you are by the God who created you. 





Greg Arthur

Greg Arthur

Lead Pastor

Katie Funk

Katie Funk

Youth Pastor

Melissa Brussa

Melissa Brussa

Associate Pastor

Pam Gumns

Free The Girls

DeShawna Neal

Children's Ministry

Sonia Fabbri

Just Love & Kairos Outside

Dan Fabbri

Kairos Inside Prison Ministry

Worship Team



the life God created you to have by sharing in the mission of God with his family.

God loves you just the way you are, but he loves you too much to leave you the way he finds you.
Together we are pursuing God, learning to love each other, and being good news to the world. Duneland is a place where God seekers join together from a variety of backgrounds to discover the joy of life as the family of God. None of us can live as followers of Jesus by ourselves. We need community to grow and learn how to serve one another. Together we are pursuing the mission of God. Come and check us out.

Duneland Community Church

1552 Pioneer Trail
Chesterton, IN 46304
PH: (219) 929-5313

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